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What is co-working?

Judith San Juan | April 30 2015

What is co-working?

Co-working is when two or more organizations share a working environment. They may not necessarily be of the same business type. Ultimately, co-working fosters a community of individual organizations with mutual respect for each others' businesses.

It was Brad Neuberg that coined the term coworking when he established an office space in San Francisco that homed 3 technology workers. Later on, the term was commonly used to describe shared office space.

Coworking is a growing concept in the Philippines that is especially popular among start-up businesses and entry-level organizations. There are already a number of coworking spaces across the metro. This number is predicted to grow as more and more organizations find it as a better alternative than exclusively leasing office space. 

Why is co-working for you?

Coworking does not just allow you to share physical space and facilities. More than that, it gives you a platform where in you can share ideas. It is a better decision to get into co-working not just financially but in terms of the opportunities to learn from each other and the exposure to different business processes. These are the unique benefits that having a co-working set up can give you.